SOLD!: 2006 Specialized Enduro with upgrades and experience!

After just less than 4 years riding this little beast, I’m selling it. I’ve bought myself a beautiful new Trek Scratch Air 8 to replace it, and hopefully do the Megavalanche in 2011.

This is a 2006 Specialized Enduro ( but most of the original components have been replaced. The only stock components left are the frame, rear wheel, rear mech, front mech, shifters, seat and seat post.
Over its life, I’ve upgraded to a Fox DHX air 5.0, Marzocchi Bomber 55s, Avid Juicy Seven brakes with 203mm rotors, Sun Double Track front wheel with Reverse 20mm bolt through hub, DMR Wing bars, Race Face b/b, Gravity crankset with bashguard, odi lock-on grips, and DMR V8 pedals.

Before you read any further, you should know that the forks are essentially broken – the lockout has blown and the rebound damping is shot, so they’re pretty uncontrolled. Still rideable, but it’s necessary to replace them. The forks failed at Brechfa a month ago, but I was still able to ride a lot of trails – it was just a little harder to control! The drivetrain is a little worn, but got a fair few miles in it yet. The rear wheel has some pretty serious dings, as you can see in the photos, one ding is right on the seam and has split a little – i have been riding it like that for two years now, so I don’t think it’s too much of a problem. That particular one happened on a dh trail at Ambergate in Derbyshire, where the rocks are really unforgiving. The brake calipers could do with a service, as the pistons don’t return very well, but the brakes are good, and don’t need bleeding. The B/B was new in March this year so should be good for a fair while yet.
The bike’s seen a lot of action, including a few week-long xc trips all over Wales and Scotland (most of the 7 stanes), trips to Cwm Carn downhill course, chicksands, street riding, some xc and dh in Derbyshire and the Peaks, Cannock, and various other trail centres, and even some road miles. I’ve jumped it, dropped it, crashed it, put it in and out of endless car boots and backs of vans, and generally beaten it up. It is covered in scratches, but no dents that I can see, so I assume the frame is still in good condition. It’s capable of fast dh, it’s stable and predictable, and can also climb (just be prepared to work for it). It’s essentially a really good heavy-duty all-rounder, and if you replace the forks and look after it, it’ll be a great bike. If you do replace the forks, I’d suggest you either go for slightly less travel, or the same (160mm), as any longer will make it too slack for general riding.
You can also see in the photos that I’ve ground down the shifters a bit to make them more thumb-friendly when it all gets a bit loose, and there’s a bit of foam in the front mech to keep the crap out.
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