Find out which security group members are in one or more Exchange 2010 databases

First, run this command on a domain controller to extract the members of a security group:

net group "Security group name" >c:\groupmembership.csv

Then run this in an Exchange 2010 shell to extract the mailbox names from the database:

Get-Recipient -PropertySet ConsoleLargeSet  -ResultSize '9000' -SortBy DisplayName -RecipientType 'UserMailbox' -Filter '((Database -eq ''CN=DATABASENAME,CN=Databases,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (YOURADMINGROUP),CN=Administrative Groups,))' | Export-csv C:\userslist.csv

Then paste your names lists into excel in two columns, one named group membership, and one database users. Use the below formula in the third column to find the names that occur in both columns of data.

=VLOOKUP([first column entry,[Range E.G. A:A],1,FALSE)



Get a full list of address spaces in an Exchange 2010 Send Connector

You might want to back up the list of address spaces in a Microsoft Exchange 2010 send connector, just for backup purposes, migration, or testing.

Use this code to extract the address spaces and pipe them into a csv file. Then open in excel, using space characters as the delimiter (multiple spaces count as a single delimiter).

(Get-SendConnector -Identity "ADDRESSSPACENAME").AddressSpaces |  ft -autosize > c:\temp\addressspaces.csv