Psychological Safety and Digital Transformation: WB40 podcast

Matt Ballantine and Chris Weston were kind enough to invite me onto the WB40 podcast for this episode discussing psychological safety and digital transformation.

We discussed the key concepts and history of psychological safety, from the lack of safety culture that ultimately caused the Chernobyl disaster, to Amy Edmondson’s research into high performing clinical teams. We covered how to engage with your team about how to build psychological safety in the workplace, and how it doesn’t just result in feeling good, but with the right environment, results in truly greater performance and higher delivery, particularly when leaders take into account the four stages of psychological safety.

If you’re interested in psychological safety and how it relates to DevOps and software development or how Conway’s law and cognitive load dovetail into improving psychological safety, and the quality of the services or products your team delivers, give it a listen.

Strategically, psychological safety must be at the heart  of any organisational transformation or evolution, since it remains the single most crucial aspect of any high performing team; and only high performing teams will provide the competitive advantage required for real success.

If you’re interested in measuring, building, and maintaining psychological safety in your team, download my workshop and action pack, full of guides, plans, tools and resources to elevate and empower your teams.



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