Psychological Safety and High Performing Teams

Safety isn’t just necessary in order to prevent disasters, it’s also crucial to building and maintaining high performance teams and organisations.

Building high performing software requires high performing teams, in which team members need to feel able to express their creativity, talents and skills without self-censoring, self-silencing, or fear of failure. In this talk, Tom introduces the latest research in high performance technology teams, and provides actionable concepts to help you build and elevate your team.

Download a complete Psychological Safety Action Pack full of workshops, tools, resources, and posters to help you measure, build, and maintain Psychological Safety in your teams.

Psychological safety in technology teams – Computing Magazine

Psychological safety in high performing teams google slide deck

The DORA State of DevOps 2019 report

Google’s research on effective teams

Grace Hopper Biography

Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams – Amy Edmondson, Administrative Science Quarterly

The cause of the Chernobyl accident – Ukrainian Nuclear Society

The Tuckman model of team stages

Take the psychological safety assessment, or provide it to your teams.

Baseline data of psychological safety scores

Resilience Engineering, DevOps and Psychological safety

Digital Lincoln – psychological safety and high performing teams – my 45-minute webinar meetup recording.


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