The Accelerate State of DevOps Report 2021 – A Summary

The 2 state of DevOps reports each year aggregate the current state of technology organisations globally in respect to our collective transformation towards delivering value faster and more reliably. Or as Jonathan Smart puts it, “Sooner. Safer, Happier”.

The DevOps shift has been in progress for over a decade now, and whilst DevOps was always really about culture, the most recent reports are now emphasising the importance of culture, progressive leadership, inclusion, and diversity more than ever before.

Last year, in 2020, the core findings of the State of DevOps Report focussed on:

  1. The technology industry in general still had a long way to go and there remained significant areas for improvement across all sectors.
  2. Internal platforms and platform teams are a key enabler of performance, and more organisations were starting to adopt this approach.
  3. Adopting a long-term product approach over short-term project-oriented improves performance and facilitates improved adoption of DevOps cultures and practices.
  4. Lean, automated, and people-oriented change management processes improve velocity and performance over traditional gated approaches.


This year (2021), there are a number of key findings in the Accelerate State of DevOps Report, building on previous iterations:

  1. The “highest performers” continue to improve the velocity of delivery, through practices that enable teams to continually identify improvements to tooling, technology and process.
  2. Adoption of SRE practices improves wider organisational performance. Teams that prioritise both delivery and operational excellence report the highest organisational performance. Reliability is as important, if not more so, than short lead time for changes.
  3. Adoption of cloud technology accelerates software delivery and organisational performance, and enables the five capabilities of cloud native technology. Multi-cloud adoption is increasing, so that teams can utilise the strengths of each provider and improve resilience against risk of a single provider failure.
  4. Secure Software Supply Chains that integrate security practices into pipelines and processes enable teams to deliver secure software quickly, safely and reliably.
  5. Documentation is important. Teams that create and maintain high quality documentation are more able to implement technical practices, make changes, and recover from incidents. 
  6. Inclusive and generative team cultures improve resilience and performance. Teams with psychologically safe and inclusive cultures suffered less from burnout during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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