The State of DevOps Report 2019 – A Summary

Every year or so since 2013, Puppet have carried out their “State of DevOps” report that attempts to gather, aggregate and analyse progress across the technology industry, backed by data and statistical analysis. In 2019, both Puppet and Google researched and released their own State Of DevOps Reports.

Here is a summary of the findings from both 2019 State of DevOps Reports.

(More detail to come shortly!)

  1. 2019 – Puppet:
    1. Doing DevOps well enables you to do security well.
    2. Integrating security deeply into the software delivery lifecycle makes teams more than twice as confident of their security posture.
    3. Integrating security throughout the software delivery lifecycle leads to positive outcomes.
    4. Security integration is messy, especially in the middle stages of evolution.


  2. 2019 – Google:
    1. The industry continues to improve, particularly among the elite performers.
    2. The best strategies for scaling DevOps in organisations focus on structural solutions that build community, including Communities of Practice.
    3. Cloud continues to be a differentiator for elite performers and drives high performance.
    4. To support productivity, organisations can foster a culture of psychological safety and make smart investments in tooling, information search, and reducing technical debt through flexible, extensible, and viewable systems.
    5. Heavyweight change approval processes, such as change approval boards, negatively impact speed and stability. In contrast, having a clearly understood process for changes drives speed and stability, as well as reductions in burnout.



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